An art installation for the Gladstone Hotel Fly By Night (2017)

The concept of immersive experience and the embodiment of the consciousness in a digital space/world have been the focus of some of the most popular and lucrative technological ventures in the last few year. From the advancement of VR technology to video games achieving hyper realistic 3D rendering, digital worlds have been on the forefront of the creation of immersive, escapist fantasies.

Fake VR (Anaglyph Reality) is the antithesis of such work. Using “older” low fi technology, like stereoscopic images effects, video and cardboard 3D glasses, the installation aims to create the same sense of immersion which “newer” and more expensive technologies achieve. By doing it, Fake VR(Anaglyph Reality), aims to subvert our ideas around technology and our need for it, showing that it is possible to achieve a similar impact with more modest means.

As a game designer and a 3D modeler I’ve been disillusioned with digital media worship of technological advancement, especially when the technology ignores existing artifacts in order to advance a capitalist agenda. For me this is centred around the advancement of VR technology- the creation of expensive wasteful VR headsets and technology which are not accessible to most people (due to cost, and the fact that those headsets are uncomfortable to a large percentage of the population). Looking at the history of VR and stereoscopic imaging reveals the fact that the technology behind those is actually quite simple and can be replicated using cardboard, video projection and simple image processing.

The installation (as envisioned right now), will be set in a small dark room, with one single chair and four projectors who will be projecting anaglyph videos. Anaglyph video are videos, where the image was separated into visible color channels. This allow the viewer to see the image in 3D when wearing the right set of color coded 3D glasses (red/blue in this case). Participants will be enter the room, grab a set of glasses sit down and immersive themselves in the 3D videos.

Some pictures from the event