Yifat Shaik

logobroadcastArt Director, Game Design and  illustrator currently available for part time and full time contract work in Canada

Yifat is an acclaimed game designer and artist working on creating autobiographical games and subversive art. A Master of Design graduate of OCAD University, she is currently a professor of game design and 3D modeling at York University. Yifat organized of Different Games in Toronto, is co-director of Dame Making Games and is currently working on Real Army Simulator.


Fake VR (Anaglyph Reality), Gladstone Hotel, Fly by Night  2017
Hothouse, Gladstone Hotel, Come Up To My Room 2017
Queerness in Game, May 2017, Real Army Simulator
TCAF, May 2016 – Real Army Simulator
Different Game Conference,  April 2016 – Real Army Simulator
Bit Bazaar, Winter 2015 – Real Army Simulator
IndieCade –  Real Army Simulator (part of the Dames Making Games Booth)
Boston Fig – Real Army Simulator
TeaCade – Real Army Simulator
Bit Bazaar, winter 2014 – assorted games
Bit Bazaar, spring 2014- Stalemate
Site 3 Pop-Up Shop – illustration work
ICON, Israel festival of Science Fiction and Fantasy- illustration work


The Shelf Episode 16 – Different Games Post-Mortem with Yifat Shaik  23 June. 2017.
CBC– Jonathan Ore. “Different Games conference gives voice to marginalized video game makers” 01 June. 2017.
Financial Post – Chad Sapieha “Different Games Conference in Toronto gives a voice to marginalized members of the industry” . 31 May. 2017.
Ookpixels, Profile and interview about my work by Nicole Pacampara
SkyBox Podcast, Interview about Real Army Simulator
I Want Your Job: Yifat Shaik, Library Innovator in Residence
By Kaitlyn Kochany
The 5 Best Games at This Year’s Boston FIG By Carli Velocci


“You Many Deaths are Meaningful” A-Maze Magazine, issue 3
“Subversive Humor & Games.”, Featured Blog Gamasutra March 11th, 2016
“The Aesthetics of Repeated Death”, A-Maze Magazine No.3
“Subversive Humor & Games.” First Person Scholar. First Person Scholar, 16 Sept. 2015.
Procreate App (illustrations work)
Lepracon Bi-Yearly Magazine No. 3 (illustration work)
Epilogue’s Master of Fantasy II (illustration work)

Workshop & Talks:

Dames Making Games, June 2017,  Game Design Workshop
East Coast Game Conference, April 2017, Talk, Player Agency Glitch and Mods
Queerness in Game, April 2017,  Talk: Subversive Humor & The Absurdity of Real Life Experience
Boston FIG, January 2017,  Talk, Player Agency Glitch and Mods
MIGS 2016, Talk, Player Agency Glitch and Mods
Make Change Conference, Talk, Teaching 3D inclusively
TCAF 2016, Micro Talk, Subversive Humor & The Absurdity of Real Life Experience
IndieCade East 2016, Lecture, Subversive Humor & The Absurdity of Real Life Experience
IGDA George Brown: General conversation about my work
Different Games Conference 2016, Track Chair
Eat Play Mingle, IGDA GBC
Dame Making Game Presentation. “Real Army Simulator”
Different Games Conference Presentation. “Subversive Humor in Games”
OCAD Digital Futures Graduate: Unity Workshop
Dame Making Games: Presentation. “Stalemate”
Dame Making Games: iPad Drawing Workshop


Dames Making Games- programming committee
Maker Festival 2015 Launch Party- Curating Dames Making Games Arcade

Contact information: Email: yifat @ yifatshaik.com or by this contact form:


I can also be found on twitter @yifatshaik